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Episode 11 will come in Dec 06, 2018 - today
01 Man Up
Thursday Sep 27, 2018
Teenager Sam Conway shows evidence of rape but refuses to name his attacker. Meanwhile, Benson and Rollins confess to some major life changes.
02 Man Down
Thursday Sep 27, 2018
ADA Stone blames himself for the shocking verdict in Sam's case, and before Benson can offer help, Sam makes a tragic decision.
03 Zero Tolerance
Thursday Oct 04, 2018
After the rescue of a young girl from a sex trafficker, Benson and Stone must take drastic measures to reunite her with her mother. Meanwhile, Rollins decides to give her rocky relationship another chance.
04 Revenge
Thursday Oct 11, 2018
As a string of break-in assaults grows more violent, the cops investigate an online incel group to identify a suspect.
05 Accredo
Thursday Oct 18, 2018
A member of a women's empowerment group is found murdered, leading the cops to the group's charismatic male leader. Meanwhile, Rollins keeps her pregnancy under wraps to avoid going on desk duty.
06 Exile
Thursday Oct 25, 2018
A young woman wakes up in the hospital with no memory of her assault, and Carisi's investigation stalls when she disappears.
07 Caretaker
Thursday Nov 01, 2018
The cops wrestle with an unthinkable crime when a family is murdered in their sleep.
08 Hell's Kitchen
Thursday Nov 08, 2018
A waitress from a trendy New York restaurant is sexually assaulted at an after-hours VIP party.
09 Mea Culpa
Thursday Nov 15, 2018
Stone takes his own case to trial when a woman from his past accuses him of sexual assault.
10 Alta Kockers
Thursday Nov 29, 2018
The investigation into a promising new author's death leads to a decades-old secret kept between two reclusive brothers.
11 TBA
Thursday Dec 06, 2018
12 TBA
Thursday Dec 13, 2018

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 20

IMDb 8 na min/episode
The Special Victims Unit, a specially trained squad of detectives in the NYPD, investigate sexually related crimes.
Drama, Thriller, Crime, Mystery
Ice T, Christopher Meloni, Mariska Hargitay, Dann Florek
United States
6.9 / 182 times
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